01 Jun 2015 - 01 Jun 2015
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Low carbon (energy) growth study - Kosovo

Project description

In the Climate Change Framework Strategy for Kosovo, the UNDP considers the set-up of a more detailed greenhouse gas inventory one of the priorities going forward. A relatively young country, Kosovo has only recently started to formulate a climate strategy, and assess what its current energy consumption and emission levels are. As a consequence, the existing greenhouse gas inventory provides only a limited level of granularity, and needs to be extended. At the same time, the formulation and implementation of a low carbon strategy is also one of the priorities going forward, and these efforts will largely take place in parallel to building a more detailed data infrastructure.

General objectives

Project approach is designed to collate existing data, proxies based on team proprietary knowledge and expertise, as well as international benchmarks, and to use these sources as a basis for the Business as Usual and scenario projections of emissions. Project aims to create a starting point for the low carbon growth strategy, and assess a range of measures that can be prioritized according to their expected impact and related costs. By sharing the resulting database and the tool that generates marginal abatement cost curves (MACCs) based on the collection of required inputs, project ascertains that the insights can be sharpened and further tailored to local conditions, as additional data will be collected in the near future.

Project output

The deliverable is a summary report which will include a synthesis of the results and key insights from the quantitative analysis together with a short non-technical description of the underlying methodology.

Sponsor: Ecofys Netherlands B.V.