• Diploma, English, Department of Foreign Languages of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1997-1999),
  • Ph.D., Economics, Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Science of Belarus (1986-1991),
  • MA, Economics, Belarusian State University (1981-1986),
  • BA, Economics, Belarusian State University (1981-1986).

Russian (native), Belarusian (native), English (fluent).

Irina Tochitskaya

CASE Fellow


  • economic and trade policy instruments
  • foreign direct investments
  • energy sector development
  • SME/enterprise development
  • regional and economic development



Current Positions:

  • CASE Fellow,
  • Academic Director, Research Centre of the Institute for Privatization and Management,
  • Director of the Project German Economic Team in Belarus.

Previous Positions:

  • Team Leader, A Comparative Study of causes and effects of Financial Stability in EU and Russia, EC and Russian Government, HTSPE, Russia (2009),
  • Social Protection and Social Inclusion in Belarus, IPM, Belarus (2008-2009),
  • HD Umbrella (Building Capacity in Central Asia to Utilize Trade Policy for Human Development), Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, UNDP Bratislava (2008),
  • The Economic Aspects of the Energy Sector in CIS countries, CASE, Belarus (2007-2008),
  • Expert, Centre for strategic research, EU Eastern Neighborhood: Economic Potential and Future Development, Belarus (2006-2008),
  • Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.


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