14 Nov 2022
mBank - CASE Seminars

INVITATION to the 175th mBank–CASE seminar: The Fate of Flat Tax in EU Countries

mBank and CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research cordially invite you to:


the 175th mBank–CASE seminar

 The Fate of Flat Tax in EU countries



Krassen Stanchev – professor at Sofia University in Bulgaria and a principle drafter of market reforms in Bulgaria (1990–1991)



“Flat tax versus progressive tax: selected experiences political economy of reforms” by

Paweł Wojciechowski – director in an advisory company Whiteshield (London) and  professor at Wszechnica Polska University in Warsaw


The seminar will take place on Thursday, November 24, 2022, from 3:00 to 4.30 p.m.

The seminar will be held in English and online only.




About the seminar:

A number of EU countries introduced proportional corporate and/or income tax, but five of them have returned to progressive taxation. What were the reasons behind introducing and then withdrawing the reforms?

The political and economic contexts were different in each case, and it would be hard to demonstrate any explicit causality effects between the flattening of taxes and economic performance. Nevertheless, the report to be presented at the seminar by Professor Krassen Stanchev compares the dynamics of economic growth and competitiveness-related factors for periods before and after the reforms were launched. The same is done for indicators of wealth and disposable income. The analysis allows for a discussion of lessons learnt and of the prospects for further reforms.

Professor Paweł Wojciechowski will then present his commentary from the perspective of the political economy of reforms.



Krassen Stanchev is a professor in Public Choice and Macroeconomic Analysis of Politics at Sofia University in Bulgaria, where he also teaches the history of economics at post-graduate level. He is CEO of KC 2 Ltd. and board chairman, founder, and former executive director of the Institute for Market Economics (IME), Bulgaria’s first independent free-market think tank. He is a former member and committee chairman of Bulgaria's Constitutional Assembly (1990–1991), and a principle drafter of reforms leading Bulgaria from central planning to a market economy.

Paweł Wojciechowski is a director in the advisory company Whiteshield (London), and a professor at Wszechnica Polska University in Warsaw. Between 2006 and 2020, Professor Paweł Wojciechowski held a number of public posts: he was a minister of finance, deputy foreign minister, ambassador to the OECD, president of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, and chief economist at Poland’s Social Insurance Institution. In 1990-2005 he was CEO of PTE Allianz Polska S.A., CEO of TFI Atut S.A., and director at the Polish Development Bank S.A. Earlier he worked for KPMG, UNDP and the Center for Regional Economic Issues in Cleveland, United States. Graduate of John Carroll University in economics, he read for his doctorate at Case Western Reserve University and received his PhD from the Systems Research Institute at the Polish Academy of Sciences. He has lectured at Harvard, John Carroll and Kozminski universities.