Economics of Gender, Europe, gender gap, Labor market, social policy and social services, Poland, Research

Gender pay gap in unregistered employment in Poland


The main purpose of our study is to analyse the gender pay gap in unregistered employment in Poland and to compare it to the gap in the registered employment.

In particular, the project:

  • verifis the hypothesis of the existence of the gender pay gap in informal (unregistered) employment,
  • checks if it is significantly larger or smaller than in the formal (registered) labour market, and
  • attepts to explain possible differences between pay gaps in two labour markets

The methodology adopted in this project consists of two steps. First, earnings distribution in the formal and the informal economy in Poland is analysed by looking at the differences between men and women applying such methods and measures as: comparison of Gini coefficients, decile ratios, and entropy indices. Then, pay differentials are estimated based on the Blinder-Oaxaca approach.