Gábor Oblath

Gábor Oblath, senior research fellow since February 2010, holds the diploma of the University of Economics Budapest (1975) and Ph. D. of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1995). He began his professional career at the Institute for Economic and Market Research, Budapest (Kopint-Datorg), where he worked for more than 25 years. His responsibilities included macroeconomic analysis and forecasting, as well as coordination of economic research. He became as Head of the Research Department (1987), Research Director (1995) and Chairman of the Board (2000-02). Meanwhile, he was guest scholar, among others, at the Helsinki School of Economics, the Brookings Institution and the Bank of Finland and worked at the UN Economic Commission for Europe (1994). In 1996-98, he taught at the Central European University. He published in the fields of fiscal and monetary policy, in particular on foreign and domestic debt, international capital flows, inflation tax and exchange rate policy. Recent publications are focused on social pacts, economic convergence, and methodological aspects of macroeconomic statistics. In 2001, he was appointed as a Member of the Monetary Council, National Bank of Hungary, and held this position until his election as a Member of the Fiscal Council in February 2009. His membership in the Fiscal Council was terminated in 2010. Since 2012 he is senior research fellow at the Department of Economics, ELTE University. He is a member of economic committees of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the editorial board of several professional journals. He holds the Kaldor Prize (Corvinus University) and the Fényes Elek Prize (Hungarian Statistical Office). His recent works relate to accession to the euro-zone and the international comparison of export price levels and unit labour costs.

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