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Fiscal Policy in Poland under Transition

The  study  "Fiscal  Policy  in  Poland  under  Transition" was prepared under the first stage of research project on "Fiscal Crisis in Central and Eastern Europe under Transition"  carried  out  by  CASE  -  Center  for  Social  and  Economic  Research  and sponsored  by  Ford  Foundation.  Authors  based  mainly  on  statistics provided by the Ministry of Finance and Central Statistical Office, and on existing legislation. Some earlier research works carried out by CASE in 1993-1994 were also partly used for preparing this publications. Authors are specially grateful to Artur Nieradko from Bank  Handlowy,  Andrzej  Ochocki from Central Statistical Office and Piotr Dziewulski from Ministry of Finance for their assistance in providing the statistical information as well as valueable consultations. However, authors of this paper are solely responsible for its quality, presented information, opinions and interpretations of events.