01 Sep 2023 - 31 Oct 2024
Development Assistance, Europe, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy

EmpowerHer: Female Leadership for Sustainable Development

The main purpose of the project “EmpowerHer: Female Leadership for Sustainable Development” is to support to achievement of the SDGs and building “A green Nordic Region” through strengthening leadership skills and knowledge in the field of sustainable development among young women from Poland, Latvia and Belarus, using relevant good practices from the Nordic countries. The overall purpose of the project thus expressed can be broken down into the following specific objectives:

  • to collect and share the experience of the Nordic countries as regards education and training on sustainable development as well as initiatives to promote gender equality;
  • to strengthen leadership skills of young prospective female leaders from Poland, Latvia and Belarus – potential future ESG specialists;
  • to equip young prospective female leaders from Poland, Latvia and Belarus with necessary knowledge on sustainable development, and non-financial indicators to evaluate a company’s performance in this respect specifically;

Those objectives will be realised through the development and publication of a collection of good practices as well as creation and delivery of a dedicated training program for 20-25 women aged 19-26. We aim to invite 10 participants from Poland, 10 participants from Latvia, and 5 participants from Belarus. At this age young women are beginning their careers and testing professional directions for the future. Participation in the project will enable them to take on new roles in the business world (and beyond) that are related to sustainability as well as to bring sustainable practices to the workplace.

Project funding: Nordic Council of Ministers

Project leader: CASE

Project Partners: LIDERE, Fremtenkt, ABBA