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Eastern and Central Europe and CIS: Regional Synthesis

Kozarzewski P., Woodward R., Eastern and Central Europe and CIS: Regional Synthesis [in:] Fanelli J.M., Macmahon G. (eds.), Understanding Market Reforms. Volume 2: Motivation, Implementation and Sustainability, Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., October 2006.

The authors have prepared a synthesis of the work of research teams that had been evaluating the reforms in selected CEE and CIS countries.

The authors of the chapter were seeking answers for the following three basic questions:
1. Why did some countries undertake ambitious reform projects, while others did not?
2. What factors enabled some countries to successfully implement their reform program, while the program quickly failed in others? 
3. Why were some reforms more successful at delivering expected outcomes than others?

The authors claim that there is strong evidence that the post-Communist transformation is a very complex process with a set of interdependent technical, institutional, social, and political factors. With respect to the mechanics of reform, they also find that, while country specifics must be respected and taken into account, a proper match of sound reform design, sequencing, and speed is crucial.

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