01 Sep 2000 - 01 Mar 2002
corporate governance, Europe, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy, Research, restructuring

Corporate Governance, Relational Investors, Strategic Restructuring and Performance in Hungary and Poland


An 18-month project was coordinated by Tomasz Mickiewicz from the University College of London, and carried out in cooperation with Piotr Kozarzewski and Michał Górzyński from CASE and Peter Vice from the Economic Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The aim of the project was to analyze the effects of external investors in privatized industrial enterprises in Poland and Hungary and their influence on the shape and development of systems of corporate governance. The research identyfied the main directions and the basic barriers to this process.

A publication by P. Kozarzewski, 'Changes in Corporate Governance Structures in Polish Privatised Companies' appeared as port of the University College of London 'Working Papers' series (no. 8/2002).

ACE Phare financed the project completed in June 2002, and in June 2002 accepted the final report from the research.