Christopher Dembik

CASE Fellow

Expertise :

  • Macroeconomics
  • Monetary policy
  • Financial crises
  • Financial markets
  • Economic policy
  • Trade and globalization

Christopher Dembik is Head of Macroeconomic Research at Saxo Bank in Paris, France. He is member of the French Society of Political Economy and member of the Board of Advisors of FinanceMalta, the public-private organization set up to promote Malta’s as an international Financial Centre.

As Head of Macroeconomic Research at Saxo Bank, he delivers analysis of global monetary policies and macroeconomic developments to institutional and high-net-worth retails clients located in Europe and in MENA. He is a regular commentator on economic topics for international media and a frequent speaker at international events, such as the COP22, Krynica Economic Forum or the Paris Global Conference.

Dembik’s research concerns the evolution of growth and monetary policy with a strong focus on China’s economic trends. He has developed various models based on the flow of credit, consumer stress and liquidity evolution. Previously, he worked as Economist for Saxo Bank’s Paris office, as analyst for an Israeli financial start-up and for the French Treasury. During the 2017 French presidential campaign, he was member of Emmanuel Macron’s economist team working on European economic issues and the impact of political risk on financial markets.

Dembik holds a master’s degree in international Affairs from Sciences Po Paris and an MBA from the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is the co-author of The Greatest Contemporary Economic Debates (Ellipses, 2016) and Money: Functions, Monetary Transmission Mechanism and Evolution (Ellipses, 2017).

Selected publications:

Books (published in French)

The Greatest Contemporary Economic Debates (Ellipses), 2016, ISBN 2340012155

Money: Functions, Monetary Transmission Mechanism and Evolution (Ellipses), 2017, ISBN 2340016185

Refereed Journal Article (published in French)

“Is the Current Business Model of Banks Going to Disappear?”, Banque et Stratégie, n°331, Dec 2014, pp. 35.

CASE publications

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