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Beyond Transition. Development Perspectives and Dilemmas

The book 'Beyond Transition' is drawn from papers first presented at an international CASE conference entitled "Beyond Transition - Development Perspectives and Dilemmas" (Poland, April 2003).

'If you are interested in the problems of the transition countries from Central and Eastern Europe "after the transition" you will find in this volume an invaluable collection of policy relevant research. A guide for both policy makers and students.' - considers Dr Daniel Gros from CEPS in Brussels.

Two CASE affiliates, Prof. Marek Dabrowski, Chairman of the Council and Dr Jaroslaw Neneman,  Senior Researcher, are the book's editors alongside Dr Ben Slay Director of the UNDP RBEC Regional Support Center in Bratislava. Authors of several papers published in the book were i.e. Leszek Balcerowicz, Marek Dabrowski, Anders Aslund, Andrew Berg, Olivier Blanchard, Eduardo Borensztein, Vittorio Corbo, Daniel Dainau, Robert Ene, Irena Grosfeld, Juan Francisco Jimeno, Simon Johnson, Vladimir Mau, Paolo Mauro, Peter Mihalyi, Pradeep Mitra, Kalman Mizsei, Alari Purju, Jacek Rostowski, Nicholas Stern, Jan Svejnar, Radu Vranceanu, Andrew Warner and Charles Wyplosz.

It is 'an impressive collection of essays highlighting on hardships and challenges of transition throughout the Central and Eastern Europe, and the fomer USSR. This is an invaluable tool for those who are keen to learn about the post-communist transformation.' - says Dr Yegor Gaidar from the Institute for the Economy in Transition in Moscow.

For more reviews and information about the book (published August 2004) please visit the publisher's website Ashgate.