01 Jun 2007 - 01 Dec 2007
Advisory, Belarus, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, Financial sector, FSU, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy

Belarus: Support for small businesses development and their readiness for market reforms


The goal of the project is to carry out research of small business in Belarus and to present instruments for its further development, implementation of more effective development strategies as well as for stimulation small businesses to become a background for market reforms.

In order to achieve the goal 11 activities are planned in 3 phases:

  1. Heaping information and formulating hypothesis through interviews with managers and questionnaire survey.
  2. Analyzing the information gathered in first phase and preparing reports: 2 analytical reports about small business strategies and behavior, 4 policy papers addressed to policy makers and business associations with recommendations concerning small business strategies and behavior.
  3. Project results disseminating by publishing reports and policy papers in hard copies, Internet,  mass media, economic journals, delivering outcomes of the project at organized workshops in Minsk.

Project is seeking to achieve the following results:

  1. to acquire objective information about SME sector development in Belarus with special attention to discovering its ability to function in more competitive open markets
  2. to create stimulus of small business development in Belarus through promoting successful market strategies
  3. to strengthen business environment institutions
  4. to foster the communication process between SMEs, business associations, NGOs, research institutes, and government bodies
  5. to improve analytical potential of Polish and Belarusian think tanks through transfer of knowledge and experience.


IPM  - Institute for Privatization and Management


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Of Poland and PEKAO S.A.