Andrzej Halesiak

Andrzej Halesiak is an economist and manager who has been engaged with the banking sector for more than a decade, working on strategic analyses. Earlier he was employed for several years by the consultancy McKinsey & Company, where he handled projects related to attracting foreign investments to CEE, the development of e-business, corporate restructurings and development strategies. Mr. Halesiak began his professional career in public administration (the Financial Policy & Analysis Department in the Finance Ministry), working on projects including preparations for negotiating Poland’s conditions of entry to the EU in the area of Economic and Monetary Union. He’s a member of the Civic Congress Program Council and the TEP, a World Bank consultant, a mentor at the Academy of Leadership for Education Leaders, columnist in the daily Parkiet and the author of a blog about economic issues ( Mr. Halesiak is the author and coauthor of many reports and articles, including “What kind of financial system for Poland?”, “25+ From subcontractor to creator, or how to ensure Poland another 25 years of success”, “The Polish economy in the postcrisis world: undoubted successes, but the challenges are growing” and “Our Europe. 15 years of Poland in the European Union”.


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