• PhD Oxford University (St. Antony's College).
  • MSc Stockholm School of Economics
  • BA University of Stockholm

English (fluent), French (fluent), German (fluent), Polish (fluent), Russian (fluent), Swedish (fluent)

Anders Aslund

Chairman of the CASE Advisory Council

Chairman of the CASE Advisory Council



  • Russia and Eurasia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Ukraine
  • international economics
  • economies in transition
  • international financial institutions
  • trade policy
  • economic/market reform


Current positions:

  • Senior Fellow at the foreign policy think tank Stockholm Free World Forum
  • Adjunct professor at Georgetown University
  • Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Honorary professor of the Kyrgyz National University
  • Co-chairman of the Economics Education and Research Consortium

Previous Positions:

  • Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council
  • Director of the Russian and Eurasian Program (2003 - 2005) at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where he was Senior Associate from 1994 - 2005
  • Co-director of the Carnegie Moscow Center's project on Economies of the Post-Soviet States
  • Director of Stockholm Institute of East European Economics (1989 - 1994)
  • Professor at Stockholm School of Economics (1989 - 1994)
  • Conducted research at the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies and Brookings Institution
  • Served as an economic advisor to the government of Russia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan
  • Served as Swedish diplomat in Kuwait, Poland, Switzerland, and Russia
  • Widely published in Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy and in the New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, and Wall Street Journal. 

Selected publications (author or co-author):

Russia after the Global Economic Crisis (2010)
The Russia Balance Sheet (2009)
How Ukraine Became a Market Economy and Democracy (2009)
Challenges of Globalization: Macroeconomic Imbalances and Development Models (2008)
Europe after Enlargement (2007)
Revolution in Orange (2006).
Russia's Capitalist Revolution: Why Market Reform Succeeded and Democracy Failed (2007)
How Capitalism Was Built: The Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia (2007)
Building Capitalism: The Transformation of the Former Soviet Bloc (2001)
How Russia Became a Market Economy (1995)
Gorbachev's Struggle for Economic Reform, 2d ed. (1991)
Private Enterprise in Eastern Europe (1985).



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