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In the Shadows. Ukrainian Domestic Workers in Poland

We are pleased to present our report, "In the Shadows: Ukrainian Domestic Workers in Poland," developed in collaboration with CARE International, an organization dedicated to fighting poverty and social inequality. The research focuses on a frequently overlooked topic – the domestic sector and excluded female emigrants working as domestic workers. We conducted our study in three significant Polish cities: Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw.

Our report is the result of a comprehensive approach to the subject. We gathered information through various means. We conducted numerous interviews with domestic workers in the mentioned cities and carried out an online survey.. We also  conversed with employers, non-governmental organizations' representatives, and public administration officials.

As a result of our research, a full picture of the domestic sector in Poland emerged. It turns out that there is a lack of appropriate legal regulations and secure solutions. Many domestic workers in Poland operate illegally, often due to the inability to secure contracts with their employers. There is also a noticeable difference between individuals who arrived in Poland before the 2022 war and those who came after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It manifests in a more friendly and welcoming treatment of individuals who arrived after the invasion. People who were here earlier experienced much worse treatment.

Nevertheless, amidst these challenges, there is  a chance for improvement of this situation. The Domestic Workers' Union has been established, an initiative led by Ukrainian women. This union is open to all domestic workers, regardless of their background. They are actively working to improve their rights and legal regulations in the domestic sector.

We encourage you to read the full report, which contains detailed analyses and conclusions regarding the domestic sector in Poland. Its examination will help you understand the challenges that domestic workers face and the changes needed to improve their situation. This report reveals the domestic sector as it is and as it should be in the future.

Client: Foundation CARE International in Poland (“CARE”)