01 Jan 2023 - 31 Dec 2024
Infrastructure, energy and climate change, Labor market, social policy and social services, Research

Study on the role of the socio-economic partners in skills strategies for a just green transition: a regional perspective

The objective of the study is to collect evidence on and investigate the role of the socio-economic partners in the skill component of just green transition strategies at regional level and to draw lessons and formulate policy recommendations as to how this role could be enhanced in other regions facing similar challenges.

The investigation will explore the governance of the skill component of the just green transition strategies and will analyse the role of various socio-economic stakeholders and their collaboration patterns in relation to the following analytical dimensions:

  • Integration of the skills component in the wider just green transition strategy;
  • Responsiveness of the skill supply to the skill demand;
  • Engaging employers in the process of skills development;
  • Engaging in training of displaced workers or at risk of displacement.

Evidence will be collected in selected regions of four countries i.e. Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Spain. In each of the countries, two regions will be covered: one that successfully managed the transition away from fossil fuel intensive energy sectors and one which is undergoing such transition.

For the purpose of the survey a research strategy and data collection tools will be designed. Evidence on the state of play of the involvement of the socio-economic partners will be collected through desk research encompassing literature and data review as well as general and in-depth surveys (160 in total). Representatives of various stakeholders at different levels will be invited to cooperate and discuss weaknesses, strengths, gaps, areas of improvement and possible solutions.

Final findings will be discussed in a workshop with EU level representatives of socio-economic partners and other relevant stakeholders. Following the discussion and its outcomes incorporation into the study, a comparative analysis and a policy handbook will be developed.


Leader: CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research

Partners: the Slovak Academy of Sciences, CIRCE Technology Center, The CIT GmbH - Regional Economic Development Agency (RDA).

Sponsor: CEDEFOP