13 May 2022

Why does free Belarus matter for peace?

Why does free Belarus matter for peace? Sierž Naŭrodski, the President of CASE Belarus, answered this question during his Cornerstone Talks at Europe Liberty Forum 2022.


Sierž Naurodski_wypowiedż na Europe Liberty Forum

"Cornerstone Talks anchor our Liberty Forums in big ideas about the future we are working toward, and show how our community can be more effective at making that future a reality. This year’s Cornerstone Talks will focus on how Atlas Network partners in Europe are fighting authoritarianism, populism, and misinformation in uncertain times."

Europe Liberty Forum 2022 is co-hosted with the Economic Freedom Foundation and Civil Development Forum.

More information on Europe Liberty Forum 2022 : https://events.atlasnetwork.org/event/97bd766a-4d02-493e-857b-a3c749fbd58c/summary