01 Oct 2011 - 01 Oct 2011
Advisory, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, FTA, Trade, economic integration and globalization, Ukraine

The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement: Trade and Economic Issues at Stake


Marek Dabrowski has been invited to attend a workshop which took place in October 2011 in Brussels, using premises and facilities provided by the European Parliament.

The workshop which was scheduled for 20 October 2011 aimed to debate the economic and trade issues of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement currently negotiated. In particular, it intended to address the meaning of "Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement", the context and the implications of the agreement with respect to further EU-Ukraine economic integration and to economic reforms in Ukraine.

The workshop is introduced and moderated by Vital Moreira, the Chair of the European Parliament Committee for International Trade. Karel De Gucht, Commissioner for Trade, and a representative of Ukraine present the state of play of the negotiations and their perspective.

Marek Dabrowski is to provide a comprehensive and balanced brief which explains the context of the negotiations launched, as well as the content and implications of the Agreement from an economic and trade perspective, based on a written contribution that has been submitted in advance.