01 Oct 1999 - 01 Sep 2001
Europe, post-privatization, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy, privatization, Research

Secondary Privatization: the Evolution of Ownership Structures of Privatized Enterprises

The project financed by PHARE ACE funds carried out in the period of October 1999 - September 2001. The international research team comprising: Andreja Bohm and Marko Simoneti (CEEPN - the Central and Eastern European Privatisation Network), Iraj Hashi (Staffordshire University, Great Britain), Evzen Kocenda (CERGE - the Centre for Economic Research and Graduate Education of Charles University, the Czech Republic), Irena Grosfeld (the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France) and Barbara Błaszczyk, Tytus Kamiński, Piotr Kozarzewski, Richard Woodward and Michał Górzyński (CASE) was coordinated by Barbara Błaszczyk.

The purpose of this project was to analyse the scope and quality of secondary changes in the ownership structure of privatised enterprises by means of "special" privatisation programs (for example general privatisation programs or employee participation privatisation programs). The research carried out in privatised enterprises in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia covered analysis of the influence of the legal and institutional environment on ownership transformations and identification of factors that influence trends appearing in ownership transformations. The results of the research were published within the CASE Reports series in 2001:

The research outcome of the project was published in 2003 as a volume by Palgrave Macmillan. Editors of the book entitled Secondary Privatisation in Transition Economies. The Evolution in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia are: Barbara Błaszczyk (CASE), Richard Woodward (CASE) and Iraj Hashi (Staffordshire University).