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Preparation on background paper on CASE experience in advising on macroeconomic policies



CASE prepares a 15-20 page paper describing the studies/advice that CASE provided directly to countries or international organizations regarding macroeconomic policies. The work included should have been in response to explicit requests from the authorities or such international organizations.  The paper covers the last decade, with an emphasis on the work during the last five years. The paper also describes carefully the motivation of the request for advice - what were the specific issues that the advice/study was to address. The paper elaborates on any interesting thematic trends (or changes) or country coverage that has emerged over time. For example, did the country coverage increase or change over time? Did the type of issues change?

The themes included as macroeconomic topics are those related to the mandate of the Fund (e.g., balance of payments issues, debt management, trade policy, exchange rate regime and policy, monetary policy and inflation control, fiscal issues and fiscal consolidation, pension reform issues, financial sector and banking sector issues including regulatory issues).