Oleh Havrylyshyn

CASE Fellow


Oleh Havrylyshyn worked with CASE as an outstanding expert on system transformations. He became a CASE Fellow in 2015. Oleh was a lecturer at the University of Toronto and the Joint Vienna Institute, where he taught subjects including the economics of system transformation, EU expansion, the economy of political transformation in the CIS, the economy of independent Ukraine, trade and globalization of post-communist countries. Earlier, through 2007, Oleh served as deputy director general in the European Department of the International Monetary Fund. In Ukraine’s first freely elected government, Oleh took up the duties of deputy finance minister and deputy foreign minister. He continued his fight for Ukraine’s freedom after Euromaidan, becoming an economic advisor to the Presidential Administration. Born on June 12, 1943 in Ukraine, this son of Ukrainian emigrants studied at Queen’s University in Canada, earning his doctorate at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). During his academic career he worked at Queen’s and at The George Washington University, and as a visiting lecturer at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (1981-1982) and Geneva Institute of International Studies (1986-1987).




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