• M.A. Economic Theory (1999) Kiev-Mohyla Academy (EERC Program),
  • B.A. Economics (1999) Kiev-Mohyla Academy

Oksana Novoseletska

Deputy Executive Director and Economist, CASE - Ukraine

Enterprise restructuring and bankruptcy procedures, commercial banking regulations and enterprise credit, informal employment and social mitigation strategies

Previous positions:
• Expert, Euro-Ukraine Consulting, TACIS UEPLAC project, (1999-2001)
• Intern, Harvard Institute for International Development, (1998-1999)


Selected CASE publications:
• Sustaining Low Inflation in Ukraine


Selected International publcations:
"Investigating the Behaviour of Households" (March 2000), UEPLAC papers

"Assessing the Viability of Shadow Economy in Ukraine From the Standpoint of Households", Shadow Economy: social and economic consequences of unofficial economic activities in Ukraine, Kyiv 2000

"Is It Worth of Dealing with "Shadow Economy": Should We 'Struggle Against' the Informal Sector or 'Help' It to Develop?" (August 2000), Ukrainian Economic Trends

"How to Fight Corruption?" (November 2000), Business, N. 46(409)

"Pros and Cons of Income Legalisation in Ukraine" (December 2000), Economica, Financy, Pravo

project involvement: expert

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