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New publication: Quo vadis, Ukraine? Is there a chance for success? | mBank–CASE Seminar Proceedings No. 139

If I were to say just one thing about Ukraine, I think I would have to stress it is the most underperforming country of all the countries I know." said Ivan Mikloš, co-founder and president of think-tank MESA10 and a member of the International Advisory Board of National Reform Council of Ukraine, and a keynote speaker during the mBank - CASE Seminar no. 139.
In the publication, which is an extended and authorized version of presentations delivered during the abovementioned seminar, the author discusses the socio-economic developments in Ukraine, as well as the ongoing economic and political reforms in the country. By virtue of comparing Ukraine with other countries and taking closer look at most burning issues such as oligarchization and energy sector and tax reform, he comes into conclusion that - although much has been done during the last 23 years - "in comparison with what needs to be done and what could have been done already, what has in fact been done thus far is not sufficient. The most pressing issue (...) is the growing populism, also in connection with the dissatisfaction of the population, and lack of unity in the coalition." Moreover, Ukraine struggles in his opinion "with the insufficient leadership, ownership, and communication of reforms."
In this regard, serious changes will have to be made. Ukraine’s potential for making progress in the reform implementation is still huge, though, and I do think it can still be a success story.

To find out more about the banking union, please download the publication, the contents of which were presented during the 139th mBank-CASE Seminar, which took place on 25th of September 2015. (WATCH THE SEMINAR ONLINE).

mBank–CASE Seminar Proceedings are continuation of PBR–CASE and, since 1998, BRE Bank–CASE Seminar Proceedings Series.
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