MaxRange Historical World Regime Data 1789-2016

Historical World Regime Data 1789-2016: MaxRange is a new informative resource that defines detailed political and democratic status to all sovereign and autonomous states by every month 1789-2016 (240 states and appr. 650.000 values).

Using an exclusive 100-graded scale covering all forms of regimetypes in the world the past 250 years, and sorted according to level of democracy and political accountability. Each value defines democracy level, institutional structure and executive power and given to all states and months.  Visit MaxRange and perform your own studies and comparisons between countries and over time. Get access to MaxRange online (yearly)-version for 65 USD. Hereby you'll also contribute with yet a country to the all-public full data-set.

"Political Institutions and Regimes since 1600: A New Historical Data Set," by Max Range and Mikael Sandberg 

Access to data/Powerpoint-versions of MaxRange: LINK