date and location:
08 November 2004

Europe, Other Events, Trade, economic integration and globalization

Lisbon Strategy: an effective tool for increasing competitiveness in Europe?

The conference is a part of a project entitled: Implementation of the Lisbon Strategy in Poland:  directions of necessary reforms supported by the National Bank of Poland.


10:00   Registration of the participants

10:15   Opening remarks  

Session 1:

 10:20   Performance of the European economies and the 'Lisbon' programme of the European Union

Patrick Lenain, OECD, Economic Department


11:15-11:35 Coffee Break

Session 2:

11:35   The Lisbon Process: Benchmarking and Policy Progress

Ulrik Bützow Mogensen, European Commission, Enterprise Directorate General

12:05   Realisation of the Lisbon Strategy and growth in EU-15 in light of the findings of the EFN report 'The Euro and the Lisbon Strategy'

Vincente Royuela Mora, University of Barcelona, European Forecasting Network (EFN)


12:45-13:30 Lunch Break

Session 3:

13:30 Panel Discussion: Future of European Reforms - Is there a need for revision of the content or institutions of the Lisbon Strategy?

Patrick Lenain, Ulrik Bützow Mogensen, Vincente Royuela Mora


14:30 Closure of the conference