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Disinflation in Transition Economies

Disinlflation in Transition Economies is a book edited by Marek Dąbrowski and published by the the CEU Press in January 2003.
The volume contains several analyses prepared by CASE experts in years 1997-1998 in the frames of the research project entitled 'Reducing Inflation in Poland as Compared to the Experience of Other Countries of Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union'. The project was financed by the Polish Scientific Committee (KBN).
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"[...] I enjoyed reading this book. The chapters are well written and easy to understood, for even by non-specialists. Each chapter has a speciali focus and leaves readers with a set of important lessons. I recommend the book to all interested in transition issues, particularly policy makers dealing with inflation inertia. The book can also be used as a suplementary material for international econonomics and monetary policy courses."

Ali M. Kutan
Professor and Editor, Departament of Economics and Finance
School of Business, Southern Illinois University, Edwardswille, USA

Source of the book review: Comparative Economic Studies (2005) 47, 698-701.  www.palgrave-journals.com/ces